Monday Kind of Music

Happy Monday!

May started off gloriously. Well, the only pimple in the complexion was the Pacquiao loss which was a glory in itself. Anyway, it's been a good few days into the month. I'm very well caught up with all my chores, my work tasks and up to speed with all my personal projects. I'm wrapped up once again in cooking so that's taking a lot of my time lately. I love cooking. I'm slowly getting the hang of making meals for other people.

Anyway, here's a somewhat throwback, because it's kind of an old song already but it's my song today. I love how it's cryptic and stuff and you never really know what it means. Ah, me and cryptic stuff.

Samson | Regina Spektor

In other news, I'm giving away {again!} some lipsticks over at my Instagram account:

Good luck and enjoy the Maybelline May sale!
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