What I Know For Sure: #MissAdventure

It's one of those mornings, spent doing my favorite things: eating blueberry pancakes, sipping brewed {hazelnut} coffee and catching up on my personal projects. Also, yes, making a lot of money :P Today's words of wisdom come in the form of Kate Spade's ambassador, and personal icon Anna Kendrick. "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together." Our girl knows it. Also, I just love Anna's look in short: perfect preppy!



I'm inspired to make some more adventures this year --- and you bet I will :P

In other news, some of my #missadventures this week include pink moscato, a lot of shrieking and something that scares me a lot. Some of my week snaps can be seen below. I hope you're having a great week. And to my mom readers, Happy Mothers' Day!

What a privilege to sit in front of really smart people.

My new favorite vino -- something I can stock up on and not worry I might not finish it!

Somebody cooked beef salpicao -- and it was yummy!

My new favorite lipstick: Happy Skin Bride to Be

My current scent: L'Eau d' Issey City Blossom 

Here's my second bride in a bridal shower I organized: My bestfriend Y is getting married in 9 short days!

These are my hauls from The Body Shop's 19th anniversary -

the UK brand is celebrating in the most awesome way, most of the items are on 50%, 40% and 10% off! Time to stock up on the most amazing cotton pads {burgis, I know, but #sorrynotsorry}, my favorite pink grapefruit body wash, new eye cream and night serum. Of course, my #titasofmanila home fragrance in pomegranate!

So this week, I'm pouring myself a drink, I'm going to kick it back and will brace for a rollercoaster of a week.