Things I Love Mondays: Mornings

Lately, mornings have begun to represent my only slice of quiet in a frantic world often peppered by rush deadlines, overlapping social calendars, workouts to be done {which I neglect, often}, campaigns to be ran. Lately, it's my time to spend in bed, taking a moment to appreciate bed sheets, morning cuddles with Butters, minutes to thank God for a wonderful life, full of things I've always asked for and been given. 

That's how my life looked like last week. Every day, I am blessed to feel such care and love for a little boy who makes me happy and is excited every time my keys jangle the door. I never knew my self-interest and selfishness could be evaded by something smaller than me {as opposed to finding something bigger than yourself, ha I am so witty}, until I decided to get Butters. I now wake up despite so much sleepiness and exhaustion to clean poop and pee in the mornings. I wake up to feed this boy when he's hungry and I stay still when he cuddles on my lap and eventually falls asleep. I'm lucky to have a job I love doing, colleagues who are fun to be with in an industry that's cutthroat and dynamic. I'm grateful to catch up with a friend who's always a positive energy to be with {hi, Nic!}, the resources to dine where I feel like it. I am glad to have had the opportunity to be published on print, talking about my travels and adventures a year ago. I am ecstatic to have found out as well, through a Pond's machine that my skin is two years younger than my body age! For someone like me, I think this is pretty important :P This week as well, my heart bursts with gratitude and happiness with the thought of knowing that the who wants to take care of me is the person I want to take care of, too :)


Fall In Love with Tom Hiddleston In 20 Seconds or Less.

Fall In Love with Tom Hiddleston In 20 Seconds or Less.Enjoy this beautiful loop of Tom Hiddleston staring deeply into your eyes. Courtesy of HuffPost Live ( on October 16, 2015.

Posted by Tom Hiddleston Page on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy week ahead, my darlings :)