A Taste of Luxe + Get Your Own Sample

Happy Saturday!

Gee, I haven't really been blogging, haven't I? Ack. My remaining few blog readers are probably sad now because I haven't been sharing my silly thoughts on things, like the presidentiables {Intergalactic Earth Ambassador is my favorite}, Lamar Odom's issue, Miriam Santiago running, but what I'll share below is something that you would love:

You may remember Lux from the early 90s as a luxury soap -- smells too good, but wasn't apt for me to use back then in my teenage years. Now that I'm a woman pushing 30, I'm happy to be having products that add luxe to my shower time, which I relish because #MeTime and all that :) In this phase of my life, every moment is hardly me time, with Butters and everyone else always present in my life. I'm not complaining though. Life is all good.

If like me, you're also happy to try out Lux, head on over this website to get your own sample of Lux Magical Spell. So far, I'm enjoying the European black orchid scent of this luxe body wash, crafted by perfumers from New York.

Get yours today!


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