Things I Love Sundays: Offline is New Luxury

The title is a phrase I try to live by the meaning these days. True, I don't get to go offline as much as I can but whenever I do, I make sure I'm completely into it. I'm glad that my social media feed is definitive of my life lately: I've been enjoying the company of my highschool barkada, my officemates, people who have been mentoring me, people I am mentoring and learning things quite successively.

As always, life is mostly about reveling in the cuteness of my little fluffy puppy, Butters. This week, he's been a good boy, peeing and pooping in the right places, waking me up just in time and being a behaved little boy during bath time. The weekend was a working one and I'd been lucky to have been part of another successful Tatt Talks, this time with Juan Miguel Severo, Donald Lim and Wil Dasovich. I'm inspired to be doing something I really love, too! In the friendship area, my BFF was in town and despite the challenges, I was able to pull off a surprise dinner for my high school friends {yay!}. In literary news, I have Tyler Knott Gregson's new book, Haiku on Love and it's just the most wonderful! In beauty news, I've gotten to relax during the hump day, thanks to Neo Day Spa {more of that in the next few days} and Dove sent over treats for hair fall woes. Stay tuned for these.

What I Know For Sure: It may be yet another wisdom out of my age as I near the age of thirty, but I am valuing more and more the virtue of privacy. In this age of public lives and instant celebrities, I am valuing the details of my life that I reserve to my family, my friends, my colleagues. Over the years, I notice how my social media life has wound down to share less about me, not because of any reason, except that I've began to value my privacy more, especially now that my life is becoming more and more involved, too. It's a different kind of comfort, knowing that the important details of my life are safe with people whom I trust and love. I hope they feel special knowing it's just them who hold knowledge to things in my life.

Happy week ahead, my darling readers!
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