South of France

Coming to France for the second time felt a lot like homecoming -- it ain't a secret after all that my favorite European country remains to be France. Last year, I explored mostly Northern France in Reims, Paris, of course. It was very different to be visiting France when it's hot, but nonetheless an extraordinary experience to be seeing how Europeans do their summers.

For one, Cannes and Nice have beautiful Mediterranean beaches -- the water is a different kind of blue, but the sand is very pebbly, it doesn't make it a wise decision to not wear footwear :P 

Some of my favorite things that happened to me while in the South of France: Had my daily gelato fix, dipped my toes into the cold, aquamarine sea of the Mediterranean, climbed 200 steps to get a postcard photo of Cannes, checked out the hall where the Cannes film festival, had the best macaron of my life in Nice for €2, experienced trouble with Cannes train tickets, chase the actual train, shamelessly look at the gorgeous French men walking along the shores of Cannes, being a witness to gambling in the Monte Carlo casinos {aka Casino Royale}, singing 90s songs, inebriated, completely oblivious

I loved the South of France -- it's like a less cosmopolitan version of Paris, but just as chic, just as classy and just as yummy.

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