I'm 30 today. Wow. I'm old. When I turned 20, I thought I was old, with no concept of how "old" really feels like. I feel like 25 isn't too far long ago. I think I was just 25 a couple of years ago. Memories of partying hard, being reckless and throwing caution into the wind is just a few sleeps ago, when in truth, five years is a long time. Five years is a year more than a high school years {or K12 or IDK, don't ask me}. Five years is half a decade, half the lifetime of a US visa, the title of a tearjerker movie, and according to a David Bowie song, five years is all we've got.

If I could meet my 25 year old self now, I'd tell her things will change, and they will get better. Of course, I wouldn't because there's no fat chance of that. Science says the frontal lobe develops fully on your thirtieth year and I'm really quite excited for that. The other night while playing tennis, I was musing at how I learned tennis this time much easier, as compared to the time I was in my teens. Now, I could hit a ball decently at contact point vs. 10 years ago. I think this may be the reason why people are better at their jobs when they reach 30. 

That video is just fun HAHA. 

Going back, I don't recall ever really knowing what to expect or what to do when I hit 30. Deep inside my crazy, often silly mind, there's that panic waiting to be recognized --- after all, cellulites appear this time in a life, wrinkles develop and metabolism crawls at the pace of dial ups. When I was maybe 18, I thought that the age of 30 was where you have everything figured out.

I still don't.

But I guess I have less time to worry about it now. I have a job that keeps me busy in the best way possible, I have Butters, who takes up a lot of my time, barking at me for cuddles in the morning. I have somebody who takes care of me and I take care of him, too. And then there's all the million details of life that people in their 30s have. Some already have husbands/wives, and kids and a household to run. Or businesses to run. Either way, the drama dramatically lessens and life would seem bullshit-free.

So that's how I welcomed my 30th birthday: with good wine, fresh scallops and Maine lobsters and with someone I'm extremely thankful for to have in my life. When I woke up, thoughts about everything I've done for the last 30 years came up rushing and maybe it hasn't been so bad at all.

Happy Friday!