Things I Love Sundays: The Week in Photos


I just bumped into a colleague in the elevator on my way to get my afternoon ramen fix. It's a very busy day in telco life and I haven't had lunch. He asked me what I've done over the weekend and it's with strange relief {but a little embarrassment} that I answered that I just mostly rested over the weekend. How #Tita. But hey, I'm not going to perpetrate Tita-shaming! We love choices and sleep, is all :P

One of the most major thing's that Butters has some minor infection on his tail so I've been putting him on cone of shame duty. Prior to being a dog owner, I thought it was rather cute on pups. Now that I had to wake up in the middle of the night because Butters was moaning in pain from not being able to scratch off his itchies. It's just the worst feeling ever, after Butters crying at the vet. In other news, the iPhone 6S is almost here, which means people in telcos are needing to drink Cobra to survive :P I've also been spending some time with Globe's social team and social ambassadors, which is always a fun thing to do. Oh, and have you noticed my new curly hair and that I've also been active in beauty blogging again?

Still, it has been an amazing week, spending the week with my favorite Chinese man, my favorite little fat furry puppy, feeling loved :)