Four Tips to Soft Under Arms

I didn't know until some friends pointed out but I have quite nice underarms. I mean, how do you know yours is normal when you don't go around comparing, right? It all started when I was in college and started wearing sleeveless shirts due to all that collegiate commuting, thesis runs, night outs and Saturday fun stuff. And then there was that underarm gel event some years ago where I raised my arms and realized it was not normal for everyone to comfortably raise underarms on short notice. Even when I have been out with female friends, it's always been my task to raise my arms to call the waiter. So maybe I'm not completely remiss sharing a few tips on how to care for underarms.

Nice underarms are useful for hailing cabs, too, I guess.

Nice underarms are useful for hailing cabs, too, I guess.

Due to a few, insistent, won't go away demand (=P), here are a few tips that might bring about softer, nicer underarms I've derived from experience.

  1. Moisturize. This is pretty basic but I've learned the effects of moisturizing from years upon years of blogging, so how different could it be, right? So whenever I have extra moisturizer, or even just simple argan oil, or Bio Oil recently, I apply them on my underarms before going to bed.

  2. Minimize long sleeved clothes. This is the primary reason I'm almost always in sleeveless clothes - because when our kili kili rubs into rough fabric, it creates heat and darkens the under arms. Simple chemistry.

  3. Be conscious of underarm hair removal. I've only done IPL since I discovered it and I know for sure that this method avoided me the nuisance of having to experience friction from shaving the underarms. Yay!

  4. Use a mild and moisturizing deodorant. I've only used Dove underarm care since I was a teen, and for me, that really adds to the overall softness. I've recently been acquainted with the new blush pink variant called Powder Soft and oh how dainty it smells! Like freesias and peonies crushed together and sprinkled with baby powder. Available in PHP 95 (roll on) and PHP 195 (spray) variants.

Do you have underarm care tips? Share them today! Happy Wednesday :)
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