Things I Love Sundays: Of Choices and Miracles

Something has been happening in my life. I don't know when or where it began but last Thursday, a little miracle happened in my life. Something I haven't gotten for a long, long time, has finally happened.  This happened while I was busy trying to fill my life with other details, rushing, huffing and puffing because I had a meeting in the next two hours. 

And then it happened. It just happened in a second, without me seeing it coming, which made me teary eyed a bit. It was like everything just came to fall into place. All it needed was faith from my end.


I still pretty much haven't gotten back to the cycle of my life since I got back from Paris. I jumped right back into work, into social life and into personal responsibilities. It has been extremely busy, but life is amazing. As always :)

L-R: Welcome back to Manila mimosas, Wildflour, my baby Butters picking me up from the airport, a Chardonnay at the trade launch we attended on the week I got back and catching up with friends over brunch.

There are of course, far too many events in this life not captured by Instagram, and it's okay. Far too many deadlines and events I've missed since, but I've been able to maintain and attend to the important things. I'm in a happy, contented place right now and I'm extremely thankful. :)

Happy week ahead!