Things I Love Sundays: A Little Bit of Sanity

I'm hiding in a spot near Potato Corner on this Monday morning. It's not a Sunday anymore, I know. But as the world resumes its business pace, I like to reclaim a little bit of my me time just once again. The last few weeks was a happy rollercoaster ride, in a calm, stable way. It's nice to be home. Always is.

1) Somebody brought me to new restaurants over the week and I'm a little too happy to experience food that not everybody I know is not Instagramming. As much as I love knowing what to expect, everything in BGC just has become a little too predictable lately. I love that I was able to try Nikkei in Rada St. this week and a lovely, best steak of late, in Smith along HV dela Costa. 2) One night of whining that "we should drink after office like a cast of an office sitcom" led us to play boardgames and cards. Who knew I was so good at Cards Against Humanity? 3) Oh, this baby! It's been two months of living and caring for this puppy and life hasn't been the same. I sometimes have to wake up despite sleepiness, we get super wet from giving this baby a bath and feeding him, cleaning his pee and poop. It's been tiring but cuddling him and playing with him gives me joy I don't get anywhere else.

In other news, we were able to catch two movies this week, both of which were pretty well made and of high entertainment factor:

The Intern is about Ben Whitaker {Robert de Niro} who works as a senior intern for Jules Ostin {Anne Hathaway} . The setup is a little odd but endearing and each finds an unlikely inspiration in each other. This reminds me of another nice I saw over the week:

And because if we watch anything rom-com-y, or sappy, we must watch something action, science fiction or silly. We caught the last two seats in the Director's Club showing of The Martian, starring Matt Damon, and boy, was it awesome!

As the last few hours of Sunday wound down, I'm glad to have had a couple of hours of massage, watching the GIlas game and the cheerdance competition with someone I had bellyfuls of laughter {heh!}, ate eggs and pesto made for me for breakfast, shared yummy pizza and Italian with family and a weekend full of hugs and kisses, quite literally. It is an amazing life.

Happy week ahead, my darling readers!