Things I Love Sundays: Ego and Detachment

I had been nursing the worst hangover I've had in the longest time. Last night was one of those nights that we had all gone to a proper weekend dinner of steak with good friends, on a night that we didn't  need to think about work, talk about ideas, life in general and let a little loose on the wine. However for me, it was a little too much maybe, that I ended up with a massive headache on Sunday morning that didn't go away until 2 PM. 

My guess is that hangovers stay more than their welcome once you're 30. It's not a happy time but despite all that, everything is all good. I'm sharing some snaps from a busy weekend + what I'm watching, reading and listening to:

I think I've watched a little too much violence this weekend {hello, Stanford Prison Experiment and Sicario and Cartel Land} that I needed something calm, ie. anything from Wayne Dyer. The title kinda spooks me out sometimes but watching this calms me a lot, especially on days I feel anxious, such as this week. I love how it affirms us that we cannot own anything in this world. I love that we are reminded how ego is that what's inside you that drives you to acquire things, people. At the end of the day, something, someone will do what they want to do, and there's very little control we can do to influence if they didn't want to do this. But, if we focus on the good stuff, we attract them more. It does sound a little voodoo-ish but I've attracted things I liked when I focused on them :) Just try it!

Weekend was amazing for many reasons: steak and dinner with friends, getting out of my hangover, spending time with my blogger friends Jamie and Phoebe at Jamie's bridal shower and talking about real girly stuff and how we're all just becoming tita now. Sometimes, all you need in life is really all you've got.

I've also been done reading Marie Kondo's Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up so I'm extra fired up to tidy up my tiny apartment soon! :)

Happy Monday!