Like an Avalanche

I woke up with a desire to read me some Wayne Dyer this morning and when I opened my battered copy of my favorite Wayne Dyer book, this came up. I had a jolt of thought, on some thoughts I had when I was younger about Forgiveness

What a concept it is, to think that nobody owes us anything, not even forgiveness. It's a mindset that takes full accountability of our own feelings. It takes being righteous to a whole new level of stripping the heart of blame and accept others as they are. 

I think about the people who have violated me, or betrayed me, or did not so nice, and I think about unthinkable it is to forgive, much more to take away the blame! Does that mean it's my fault? But of course, we expand out mindfulness and take away blame entirely out of the equation.

Sounds easier said than done, yes? I suppose it doesn't hurt to try. And while trying, give this praise song a listen, this is my current "jam" and this is where I borrowed my title for this post. Happy Monday!