Things I Love Sundays: Feel Something

Last night, as Mike and I walked the steps of Ateneo, coming from the Irwin theater, having watched Mula Sa Buwan, a musical written and directed by our friend Pat Valera, I wondered what I thought constituted a great musical/play experience. To be honest, I am not quick to react to things, ebbs and flows of a story, unless of course it's How to Get Away with Murder or Grey's Anatomy or Game of Thrones, which has tremendous build up several episodes back so you'd understand why.

Now, going back. The story is about a young cadet leader who writes his beloved letters, in behalf of another man, the one she loves. That sets the tone of the whole play, a cacophony of poetic epistles dedicated to a love that needed to be expressed, by whatever form it needed to be. I had numerous questions, such as "Why didn't he tell her?" "Why did it take that long?" In the end, I was happy how it ended, my mind is at peace knowing there were no unresolved issues. 

So how do I know it's a great musical? It stuck with me, and I felt something. It is very simple. When I wrote this, it was very well more than 12 hours since I've seen it but I'm feeling the aches here and there, empathizing for the characters {for Christian, because to me, he seems like a decoy, but cute!}. The winningest element for me though was the music, which underscored emotions all too well, and the lines. Those lines are just crushing.

So here I am today, I am a different person because of what I've experienced last night. I may not have changed 180 degrees overnight but a little part of me is something else today, a little rawer, maybe jaded, or better for it all. I can't quite put a finger on it still, but each time I see and feel art like this, I am a different person after.

In other news, some snaps from the week that was, my first week back from the US.

Things I Love from this week: Creating new traditions with my boys watching Polar Express {basically, any Christmas movie <3}, camped on the couch with our comforter, a cup of hot chocolate and cuddled together, getting together with my girls because Chai is home, new lipsticks to play with, getting quiet with God and silencing down to pray, having date night with Mike at that Katipunan place called Amor, which I enjoyed immensely, my Kinfolk books from Martine, a lovely playlist I go to. 

What are you happy about today?