Chronicles of Gifts: Focus, Belle de Jour and Navi Planners

If you've never tried it, giving planners during Christmas is one of the most organized, useful things to do. I love giving away planners during Christmas, but only to those whom I know very well as a planner can be a personal thing. I know for sure, because I choose my planners myself, and for many years, it actually has been Belle de Jour and The Day Designer! I've always looked into Kate Spade items but haven't gotten around to actually getting one for myself.

This year's line up of Belle de Jour, Focus and Navi Planners are just FANTASTIC <3 Take a look at some of my shots and see who among your friends you can gift the gift of being OC and organized! A planner of course is a very tangible way to ensure success next year.

Belle de Jour, literally an "It Girl" is perfect for the woman who has a million things to balance. It's for someone who has a mix of career, social life and ME time. Entitled, “Trust Your Heart to Overcome the Waves,” the 2017 BDJ Power Planner reminds its users, or Bellas as they’re called, that they can do it all and come out on top, as long as they trust their hearts. Like waves, challenges come and go, as do successes, but as long as one’s heart stays true to its course, everything will be just fine in the end. PHP 598 to PHP 680 ea.

FOR: The It Girls in your life, your girlfriend or girl bestfriends.

Focus Minimalist Planner, PHP 450. For its sophomore edition, the 2017 Focus Journal is still Viviamo!, Inc.’s most minimalist-looking planner thus far. It has been designed this way for a purpose: to help users eliminate internal and external noise in order to zero in on what’s important.

This design is complemented by clean, straight-to-the-point 176 pages and monthly dividers that highlight power words. These power words are presented creatively in a playful manner and described succinctly in order to elicit a positive reaction from the journal user. This positive response is important because the Focus Journal encourages meaningful reflections and real-life applications of the power words. There are also special pages, like the Monthly Check-up and Year-End Workbook, that support these reflections and mindfulness further.
FOR: Your best bud at the office who's minimalist at heart.

Navi Life Navigator 2017, PHP 598. 

This year’s theme, Surreal Destinations, encourages Navi users to open their minds to places they never thought existed. Vivid images and descriptions of such places are included in the journal’s monthly dividers, which allow users to believe that there are countless wonders in the world waiting to be part of one’s travel bucket list.

Besides a showcase of these must-see destinations for 2017, the journal reminds its users to never limit themselves to what is easily available in sight. They’re allowed, even encouraged, to step outside their comfort zone with regard to life’s adventures. The special pages inside do the trick. These worksheets, such as Backyard Excursions, Goals and Bucket Lists, Pre-Trip Checklist and Travel Guides, provide mental workouts for users so their respective plans and adventures can be visualized and carefully planned for.

*Inclusive of over Php25,000 worth of discount coupons from partner brands in the Travel Curious coupon booklet.

FOR: The travel blogger / aficionado in your life. 

BDJ Desk Planners: If you like the no-frills type of planning, this is for you {or your friend!}, PHP 250/each.

BDJ Daybooks: A new convenient tool from Viviamo!, Inc., the BDJ Daybook, and its 3 versions, Expense, Travel and Fitness, serve as handy reminders for users to log their expenses, travel checklists, and fitness plans on a daily basis.

Special pages, worksheets, and motivational quotes also give the Daybook users the mental workout and push they need to accomplish their daily tasks. Best of all, each version is chock-full of ideas and nifty life hacks on how to budget your hard-earned cash, how to make the most out of any trip, and how to stick to a fitness regimen that works for you.

Colorful and portable, the BDJ Daybook, comes in three shades: Green, orange, and purple.

All planners are available at Fully Booked, National Bookstores and online via I Love BDJ.