Spinning + Things to Remember

Hello! :)

It's a glorious Thursday today, the sun is out and the weather has been extra chilly than normal. Can you believe I'm actually wearing a hoodie now? To anybody who knows me IRL, I never wear a jacket in the tropics unless it's for sartorial purposes. Even in negative degree weather, I stick to light jackets. That's how thick-skinned I am :P

Today I'll be talking about a new fitness adventure I've come to embark on: SPINNING! To be honest, it's not my first time, and the first time I tried was that one in Burgos Circle with the orange logo. I thought spinning was just any other active sport that can be managed well by a semi sporty girl like me. As it turns out, I was wrong. 

  1. First things first: Shoes. The nice thing about spinning studios is that they have their own spinning shoes in every size that you can use. The thing to remember of course, is to remember to bring thick workout socks because you never know what might've been in there :P

  2. Proper underwear. We girls have the tendency to choose the sexy ones {or functional, grandma-like ones, depends on who's reading} over proper protection from athletic impact. I had been lucky that sportsbra-maker Triumph sponsored this spinning session, where I got to find out I actually graduated one cup size {woot!} and that for high impact sports, we need to have high impact sports bras. My friend Nina educated me that spinning is actually not a high impact sport, but a low one, as our feet does not actually touch the ground. Regardless, I chose a high impact one, as I already have a ton of low impact ones! I totally love my new turquoise ones!

3. Warm up, and bring lots of energy. Being hot in this age takes a hell lot of effort. :P The work out is only 45 minutes but it's the most intense 45 minutes of your life: you cycle up to 85-90 RPM, based on the beats of the music and sometimes, lift yourself and weights, too.

Saddle Row is located at the second floor of Serendra, Bonifacio Global City. Book your rides by calling (0977) 802 5433 or (02) 966-3610. For more information, check out the Saddle Row Facebook page and @SaddleRowPH on Instagram. You can buy your Triumph sportsbra through Zalora.

Happy cycling and shopping!