What It Was Like Being Single | Valentine's Day, 2016

Actually, I still am, according to my NSO status.  But I've been seeing someone, and since it's been incredibly different, I thought it merited some thought piece, after having gone to see a legitimately funny chick flick in a long while:

The movie was ha-ha kind of funny, what do I expect, it's Rebel Wilson! Dakota Johnson, of the 50 Shades of Grey fame was a good choice for the role of Alice, a newly single girl, from a long term relationship, with the legitimate concern of: "I don't know how to be single, I've always been in a relationship."

I come from the opposite side --- I've always been single and now, I am learning the ropes of being in a relationship. My girl friends {Nic and Shen!} and I have discussed our thoughts on this seemingly shallow movie but as a woman who's been single for most of her lifetime, it resonated so much on those days I would camp in my apartment, figuring out what to do with my life, what movies to watch on my own, how to go on trips by myself, figuring out plumbing, my dress zipper {so glad I'm bendy}, learning how to manage carrying heavy stuff with my arms and many other things you need to do because you're just this independent woman.

My single life? Like a big black book of secret lives. Let's just say I have done many of what happened in that movie and they will remain secret. I don't know if I'm done with dealing with car stuff all on my own, if the days of figuring out an appliance on my own is over, if I'll ever hate Valentine's Day again, case in point:

All throughout those years, I was a lost girl, trying to make sense of why I couldn’t go into a relationship. Triggered by a question on why I didn’t have a Valentine prodded me to think why I spent Valentine’s days alone. My longest one lasted two years which means, outside of my family, my only proof of commitment was with my job. I began to think, “Was it me? Was I incapable of making something work? Was I supposed to not have been too nice? Was I too much of a ‘snob’?”
— Valentine's Day, 2013

Do women go through such silly-sounding thoughts? Of course. Any girl, like Leslie Mann in the movie can be truly, madly independent and fulfilled but still needing and wanting a genuine relationship, with a significant other or a baby at the end of the day. I haven't had time to think about these things of late, but it reminded me of what I hear myself think a lot before, it was good to know I am not alone. Being single can be a challenge, but being in a relationship or marriage is not necessarily a prize, too. That should be a comforting thought.

What was I like being single? Here's a quick snapshot of what it was like for me. I'm so glad Instagram did not exist during my crazy days. Most importantly, I found my faith and had a good grasp of who I was when I was single, too!

Special thanks to Benefit Philippines for launching Benefit They're Real Eyelash Primer :) What a fun way to launch things!

Special thanks to Benefit Philippines for launching Benefit They're Real Eyelash Primer :) What a fun way to launch things!

What a fun season single life has been :) I realize now that being single is where you truly get to know yourself, what you're capable of, and focus on truly improving yourself. I'd like to think I'm done being single though and maybe I'm ready to experience a life of adventures and milestones with someone special :)

Happy Valentine's Day, kids.