Things I Love Fridays: Death and Life

Hello, hello! I have safely arrived in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. I haven't seen much of LA except the sunny weather and the abundance of palm trees everywhere. What a beautiful city, I now understand why this is a densely populated place!

I haven't really had the emotional space to take it all in, to be honest. My friend Tania's passing has occupied much of my time and mind space, which happened less than 24 hours to me leaving Manila. It was both a blessing and a sad occurrence, to be able to catch her wake before my flight, but also sad I don't get to stay as much.

Life is short, is what we collectively think when we think about Tania's life. She has shown so much generosity, she was called to fulfill so many adventures, shared so much kindness in her lifetime. She is the person I know who has traveled all the countries I've thought of going to. She has inspired so many people, including me, to chase after dreams. She was one of my blog's biggest fans, if not the biggest fan, and constantly sent me suggestions on content and what things to write about. She's one of those people who just have no agenda whatsoever and never feels insecure. My hope is that she passed peacefully, knowing full well that she is loved by all of us and that she has done all that she needed to do in this lifetime.

In the end of it all, I am glad I was part of Tania's life, and her wake, was a celebration of her bungisbnis disposition, how she has touched our lives joyfully and made it fabulous with her existence. We will always miss you, Tania. 

In other news, I'm missing Butters so much! :)
Hope you're all having a fantastic time!