Things I Love Mondays: California

I just woke up from a nap that started on Monday afternoon. I woke up very early today to catch a Delta flight to San Francisco, a sentence I've been wishing to say since last year. There's nothing like stepping into new territory every single time -- especially when you've heard so much from pretty much everyone. California is a popular destination among us in Manila but I'm following the game much, much later. :)

California is --- how do I say this, very picture perfect. When I stepped outside of the Tom Bradley Airport on Saturday, I coasted through LA roads, I saw palm trees and an abundance of sunshine and thought to myself: This place is perfect, I can understand why Filipinos flock here ALL the time! 

Of course, I haven't seen everything in the world so I have very little comparison. I love LA though and even more, San Francisco with the charming colored houses and what's not to love about the Silicon Valley? :P

For now, I shall leave you with photos from my trip. Happy Monday or whatever day it is where you are :)

My favorite LA spot would have to MOMA, and secondary, LACMA, where you get to see modern work of American artists and some European artists on tour as well as African art. A favorite was the Japanese installation from Hito Steyerl. There was an exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe on tour, but I'm guessing it's the one from Tate when I visited London so I didn't go through it anymore.

There's a very different vibe in LA and San Francisco, very different than any of the places I've been to {notables include Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier}, in SFO, Sonoma Valley, Napa and Silicon Valley are some of the favorites.