The Benefit Brow Collection + Tara's Favorites

Benefit's Brow Collection of a total of 9 brow products was a launch I almost keeled over for. I used to kind of just brush past my eyebrow game, and left the pros to create my eyebrows when I'm with pro MUAs. As I improve on my make up skills and products get smarter, I find myself having better eyebrows. 

The launch of this collection was at Revel at the Palace, a place I don't go to much, if at all. I figured it was the biggest for Benefit. 

Benefit brow collection_groupshot_caps_closed.jpg

Nine products. YES, the full suite of Benefit products come with 9 products! I remember musing to my friends, Liz and Nic how fun it is to be putting product after product. I noticed that even if I tried them all on, my eyebrows seemed to be fine, and didn't look too thick!

I'm particularly enamored by these two products, Benefit Ka-Brow and Benefit Goof Proof Pencil:

That's my very well used Benefit Ka Brow cream gel product. I don't think I've used any other product that's similar but THIS is my favorite brow product to date and I think it will be for a long while. I only have to smudge the brush with a bit of product, draw the usual shape of my eyebrows and fill in the gaps. #3 works best with my hair color and I'm so glad it's only very subtle, too. 

This is the Benefit Goof Proof Pencil, my second most favorite in this collection. As the name suggests, it is pretty goof proof, and the wide range of colors {I'm #4}, and any girl like me, who's not really very good at doing brows and only has five minutes to do it, will LOVE this. The other end is a spoolie which is important doing first before anything else.

The collection will be out this July 2016 at all Benefit counters nationwide. Stay tuned for more reviews of the other products here at Chronicles of Vanity.

Happy Saturday!