Things I Love Sundays: Scotch Weeks

You know when for the first time you want to have a swig of beer, and that moment when you want to graduate into wine. I think I was 22 or 23 when my taste graduated into wine. I thought that I will always be a wine person when this week, and perhaps because I am surrounded by whiskey drinkers that I've started to crave for a glass on the rocks.

As a first time, I-reached-for-it-myself whiskey drinker, I was immediately intimidated by the stronger than usual aroma of grain mash -- a far departure from my usual grape of wine and champagne. I have to admit it's not easy --- it's not a taste that's as welcome. I remember my first ever sip of Johnny Walker Blue when I was 15, my late father made me take a swig and I squirted out the thing. What monstrosity, I thought. Who'd ever want to taste something that tasted like I'd put in the gas nozzle of a car? Cut back to present time, the Jura Origin on the rocks cascaded smoothly on to my parched throat and into my soul that needed such consolation only whiskey can give.

I may or may not be exaggerating.

I've been hanging outside of our apartment more and more. I do this because I like looking at the outdoors while listening to The Black Keys, and lately, Red Hot Chili Peppers again, with a drink in hand. I miss being in the presence of live music. I spend too much time being responsible sometimes.

Butters remains to be my big joy in my life :D He makes me so happy in ways I can't even enumerate. He walks and acts cute and I just fall over with myself.

Happy week!