Girlboss Series: What a {Working} Girl Needs

This morning was one of those days when me and the women in my team get together to update each other on the projects we're all doing, what we're going through in each of the project and how we approach issues. At the end of each session, we sometimes go into 'mundane' topics such as skincare --- we deal with so much stress everyday, we need some recovery plan. The ladies suggested using some lemon, honey and sugar masks for breakout and stressed skin. I just really casually reach out for my Dermal and Leaders mask, usually.

This was circa 2015 when I was still in the FMCG industry :D I was so thin!

1. Something to look forward to. I once read and mused in this blog how one only needs a few things in life: someone to love and be loved, and something to look forward to. These things change every now and then and could be small or big ticket items. For quite a time, I always looked forward to GOT nights at home because that meant I'll be home splayed across the couch, watching my favorite GOT characters {it's Tyrion Lannister, and Littlefinger, if you must know}, sipping pineapple coconut rum, rose or Jura with Butters and my boyfriend holding my hand especially at times that someone gets killed, which is a lot of the time. It takes away the edge off a Monday. I'm going to miss GOT nights after this season's finale. In longer terms, I look forward to big trips across the horizon, life milestones, a budding business idea. 

2. Your choice of poison. There's a prayer that goes like, "Lord give me coffee for the things I can change and wine for those I cannot." I'd say that prayer's pretty accurate for me most days: I am a hardly functional human being before my first cup of coffee. And in the evening, I usually punctuate the evening with a glass of Moet, Malibu or Jura. 

Women and Whiskies.png

3. Amazing eyebrows. There are many days I can get by without much makeup, save for eyebrows, a touch of cheek color and lip color. To me though, the thing I am most confident with is a good, well-shaped eyebrow. So glad Happy Skin came out with this perfect bullseye eyebrow trio, available at all Plains & Prints branches, Beauty Bar and online, at PHP 899. Such a deal for three tips: a spoolie, a pencil end and a powder end!

4. A squad. It doesn't matter how amazing you are at work if you don't enjoy the company of the people you work with. Sure, friends in the workplace are only secondary to what you need to accomplish but finding real friends and going through challenges together is what makes us stay and become better persons.

5. A strong support system. This is a very important element --- and it may come in the form of family, parents, siblings, cousins, or a significant other. I'm glad that I have my family and someone to hug me when I'm being emotional about work, and someone to tell your stories, good or bad. 

6. Faith. Everything else will be tough if there's no faith to ground us.

I'm glad I've found mine :) Happy Monday!