How to Freshen Up Your Hair

The other day, during a meeting, I was disturbed by something peculiar and well, kinda unpleasant. Is it just me or is the smell of an oily scalp just not pleasant at all? I hate it when hair smells --- especially when it's mine, when somebody smoked close to me, or if it smells like food. 

I used to turn to my two favorite dry shampoos: Lush's No Drought and Oscar Blandi's Dry Shampoo until using dry shampoos have become so taxing for rush office use. I still use them, don't get me wrong --- I just like the idea of having something I can spray on at a moment's notice.

I chanced upon Human Heart Nature's Conditioning Mist (PHP 249) at Robinson's Galleria Supermarket while I was buying ingredients for dinner. I do not know anybody who has used it but I had a gut feel it was gonna be good. And if it wasn't, it was 249 bucks down the drain, I guess.

To date, I've already bought my second bottle. I'm extremely pleased with this product for lessening the smell of food from my hair when I've gone to very savory lunch places that stick to your hair. I find that all I need is maybe 4-5 spritzes and my hair is fresh-smelling again. I also find that it's not drying at all like dry shampoo or oil build up building like other sprays. So happy!

Do you have a hair freshening tool?