Things I Love Sundays: Purpose & Beautiful Things

I had been at a team event for work last Friday and as much as the event was all about work and working with people in a team. I won't go there but I for sure have some clarity on my life's purpose: Making beautiful things.

Beautiful things in my life come in the form of pretty environments, I wanted a pretty blog, so here it is. I wanted a pretty home so I work hard for it. I wanted to make my poor damaged soul to go through a beautification process, I became a Christian. In the end, I want things and people I interact with to be better after me. It sure isn't easy but it gives me purpose, it gives me direction and it reminds me of why I'm here in this world, in this job, in this family, in these relationships. It's the same way I look at the happenings in my life: they're meant to make me a more beautiful person inside, which is a continuous work in progress. The other night, Mike called me out on my rather "elitist" comments at an issue we were discussing while we were inside an uberPOOL. I won't go into the details but while I reiterated I didn't say my statements to sound elitist or imply I'm a better person than anyone else. We had a little spat as we got home {like any other usual couple} and he hung out in the bedroom and I played with Butters in our living room. A minute later, Mike comes to me to hug me and explain why he was pointing it out to me: it's so I can present myself in a more human and kind fashion to others, and that so I can have more compassion for others. I realized that things that may seem ugly from the get go are truly blessings in disguise --- a step to becoming a more beautiful individual and a more beautiful relationship. I am a lucky girl for having someone who shapes me to be that.

My weekend was all about get togethers, too: my inaanak's 7th birthday party where we spent many hours socializing with children and puppies {of course, for Butters!} and gabbing over baked goods by my friend Kristel. It had been a fun fun Saturday, followed by a delightful lunch at Valle with our friends Liz et. al. Shortly after, we watched Ghostbusters, which was a rather nostalgic and funny movie starring Kirsten Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon (who was badass and hot) and Leslie Jones.  

We capped off the weekend by a long massage, a grounding conversation before going to sleep {always the best}, a short song number {hihi} and a prayer of gratitude that all I have is all I need. :)

Happy week ahead