Riding the Colourpop Bandwagon


To be honest, after all the lipstick brands we have within arms reach here in MNL, that I wouldn't be interested in having extra ultra matte lipsticks anymore. WELL, when an office seatmate asked me if I wanted to ride on her Colourpop cart coming from the US. We were in a two hour meeting but I was faster than a speeding light when it comes to choosing which shades to pick out. 

So I remember ordering a total of 5 shades but only 3 shades were in stock {US$ 6/ea} and the ones that safely made it to me were bottom to top: Vice, Shimmy and Solow. 

The first thought I had when I got my grubby hands on them was that wow, I bought all shades of pink, HA! The first shade I tried was Vice -- a milky light pink. They were not joking when they said it's ultra matte. IT IS ultra matte. The consistency is not at all hydrating, something you would expect from such formula. I liked it, but I didn't stop there. 

When I moved on to Solow, it was just as a delight to apply and the color seemed just right for daytime to nighttime gallyvanting {Pokemon Go is considered gallyvanting, yes?}. It glided on so smoothly like water and proceeded to dry itself perfectly on my mouth. I think I've met a perfect liquid lip: inexpensive, dries fast, has an amazing color payoff and can I just sing praises on how lasting it was? It lasted perfectly without lingering on the edges of my lips. This is a winner in my book!

A weird issue I discovered though is that of my Solow tube is not the same shade of pink with my friend's tube and in fact had different shade codes. Minor issue -- glad my shade of pink works but hmmm, needs to be investigated :)

That's me wearing Shimmy. Stay tuned for the rest!
Stay safe and dry today, my darlings xx