Emergency Fixes for Break Outs

Have you ever experienced a breakout that just won't go away? I do. And I'm currently experiencing that now, too, even after several trips to the derma. It has been like that with me currently and even my massage therapist asked me what's up as my skin is not at all like this normally. On top of that, stress has been pushing me to eat more junk food than normal. ACK.

Life would be a breeze if nobody got breakouts. I realize today as I had to take a break from my life and rest incessantly -- far too much, actually, so that my body will recuperate. I can feel my body cry in despair for rest but I soldiered on ala Beyonce for the past weeks and it took a toll on my body and my skin. 

And so, while I get myself back on my feet, I also look at my stash and see how I can get back my non-breaking out skin and I'm gonna share them with you:

1. Pond's Acne Clear Facial Wash and Acne Gel. I was recently invited to a Ponds launch and the funny thing is, I couldn't identify anymore with the skin issues, the discussions being led by ladies like Julia Baretto and Alexa Ilacad. So cute that we get to hear about teenage acne problems and school stress. Oh to be young! But to be honest, we adults still experience acne -- sadly. So I tried on this facial wash on the day I was super tired and dabbed a little bit of the gel. Surprisingly, it lessened my non cystic acne in about three days!

2. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, PHP 175. Who best to have pimple solutions too, other than the Koreans? I don't understand why not a lot of reviews have been made about this brand when it's super amazing!

3. Physiogel Daily Moisture Relief and Calming Relief. It's a rule of thumb to always have Physiogel in my cupboard of skincare. Sure, I am almost always on trial mode with my skincare but when things get crazy, I definitely run to Physiogel to calm things down with its simplicity and hypoallergenic care.

Of course, there are many ways to skin the proverbial skin of the cat -- choose which ones work best with your skin and stick to it. Also, remember not to overdo it! :P 

Happy Monday!