What I {Don't} Know For Sure

The thought reverberating in my head the most right now is that it's still a weekend tomorrow. Happy National Heroes' Day, everybody! I'm so glad for long weekends, I can't remember the last time I felt free, without an alarm, no impending surge of responsibilities. I'm happy to be blessed to be considered "important" most time of the day, the reality is just that it can be truly harrowing some days. 

So timely that Harvard Business Review came out with this article on what to do when you feel burned out. 

Burnout hurts. When you burn out at work, you feel diminished, like a part of yourself has gone into hiding. Challenges that were formerly manageable feel insurmountable. It’s the opposite end of the spectrum from engagement. The engaged employee is energized, involved, and high-performing; the burned-out employee is exhausted, cynical, and overwhelmed.

It can be pretty exhausting dealing with perception management, trying to feel like what you do actually matters to the world, to humanity. Most days, the bigger picture makes things feel like it matters. Most days, you will feel like the approval of others is the most important thing in the world, like it's the only validation you could ever need. I make this mistake far too often that I also end up being passive aggressive over things. I end up not realizing I'm agree and taken advantaged of and bullied until it's much later. I'm kinda sad about it.

The good thing is I'm surrounded by people who empower me -- my friends who listen to me and empower me when I need it most, my boyfriend who is rather the most empowered person I know, and the Bible and Jesus and remembering that the only one I should be pleasing is God. 

As for now, I have one more day to shake off the burnout, to care for myself and please God. 

Have a great week :)