Being Tita 2.0 and the Manicure to Go With It

Here's the thing about me: I never really admitted being #TitasofManila until I was well into being a 30 year old -- which is just a few months ago, really. I have not yet accepted for myself the visual imagery painted of titas in Manila -- you know the ones who always ask when are you getting married and when are you having kids. I don't even know when I'll do that so I won't even dare ask another person. I don't own a Longchamp bag {the ultimate Tita bag, which is actually nice, I just never got into buying}. I also like EDM, but the softer ones, and not all.  

And then I realized that being in my 30s and choosing to go home instead of head to Valkyrie isn't so bad at all. These days, my happiness include going to S&R, buying alcohol and food to the people we are hosting and entertaining for the weekend. My small wins include having our new bed sheets on {Egyptian cotton, 1200 count, oh heaven}, Charmin toilet paper and having our coffee tables aligned on our furniture. Nowadays, weekends are reserved for cooking at home and Butters and separating clothes for hand wash and for machine wash. I iron my clothes myself, too! Wow, my life has changed, huh. And so has my manicure, too :P 

Nowadays, I'd rather really have plain, clean nails and if ever have something on, I choose something like this, from organic, 5-free brand favorite, Zoya:

Not only are the colors dainty enough to be subtle, but it also repairs damaged nails as you wear them. They can be worn alone or on top of your favorite tita-approved nail polish. Lovely! :)

Isn't that beautiful? Now, let me go back to my HGTV Magazine collection, my peach tea and back to caressing our fine china and swilling my whiskey at home.

Happy Thursday!

Zoya Naked Manicure Collection is available at Beauty & Butter.