Things I Love Sundays: Detachment

One of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer, often talked about the practice of detachment. According to him, detachment from things, from the idea of hanging on to people and ideas enable us to fulfill our goal to make ourselves the best possible version of our humanity. Attachment, as I had realized, tends to make other parts of ourselves faded and forgotten. I suppose it was what happened to me over the couple of weeks. I got attached to everything I pinned my focus on -- and ended up forgetting about the areas within me that needed development.

We hosted a bunch of people at home this weekend -- it really just started as a Stranger Things viewing for the weekend, an excuse to have friends over for drinks, cold cuts, cheese, crackers and other snacks. Before we knew it, everyone was introducing themselves, a background of what they did and it had turned into a mini networking event. It was a fun thing -- and I was grateful that I had a participation in it, I had that chance to put together snacks, drinks and tinker with china. HAHA! Someday, I shall be able to host with Kate Spade chinaware but for now, our white plates and acrylic ice bucket will do. 

On Sunday, more time was spent catching up with friends, checking out some stuff at Greenhills {for Pokemon, KIDDING!}, grabbing brunch, bumping into old friends, catching up with friends during lunch and Butters socializing with big dogs, too. In the evening, after a very filling dinner with family, the weekend was capped with an hour of massage and all is well in the world :)

Happy week ahead! :)