BLK Cosmetics by Anne Curtis

I find it all progressive, admirable and a tiny wee bit admirable that more and more female {and male, too} celebrities are coming out not with just a makeup line but their own makeup company. Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Miranda Kerr. Do you remember back in the 90s and 00s when celebrities would have their fragrance collabs, too? I do! I think that's how I ended up wearing various celebrity fragrances like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton LOL. Oh my youth.

BLK Cosmetics by Anne Curtis

The interesting thing about BLK Cosmetics is that this is Anne Curtis' first foray into entrepreneurship with partners Jacqe Yuengtian of Happy Skin Cosmetics and Plains & Prints' Roxanne Farillas. It is a female powerhouse cast and I am a very proud part of the audience as it was launched.

BLK Cosmetics could be every modern woman's daydream: the black and millennial pink colors, the plant-ridden venue of Manila House, the hors d'oeuvres passed around, a unique RTB {reason to buy} of being cruelty free. Add to that it's affordable and you've got yourself a winning formula.

I'm not here to detail everything from the collection but I'd like to share my thoughts on the maiden collection of only the most popular actress in the Philippines:

BLK by Anne Curtis

1. blk brow sculpting duo, PHP 249, brown. I did think this was an awesome product, it's the kind of product that's shaped like a pencil but no need to sharpen. I initially reached out for this because I ran out of my Benefit Goof Proof Brow Liner and I was pleasantly surprised that this one is an amazing understudy! It shaded and shaped my brows as I wanted, was not too hard nor too soft. The only problem was I think I got the wrong shade of brown so I need to apply a bit of gel when I use this.

2. blk long-lasting liquid matte lipstick, PHP 349, sassy. This is one of the first products I used on its own and together with the other stuff I use on a daily basis. I'm quite impressed with staying power and that it held up as I ate the softest and most tender ribs ever made {by my boyfriend, too!} Such a winner, this one.

3. blk contour, blush & highlight palette, PHP 499. Wow I am super impressed with this one, I swirled my brush on to the blush pan, applied on my cheeks, then tapped a bit on the apples with the highlight and wow, the effect was really a well blended blush with shimmer. I am not impressed how my photo came out but do trust me when I say that it is very pretty in person. Such steal at PHP 499 a pop. If I am to recommend which product to get from the collection, it would have to be this one.

4. blk long-lasting liquid eyeliner, PHP 249. Probably the one I am not most impressed with in this collection because I am incredibly high maintenance and spoiled with my eyeliners. This one is a little thin-brushed and it was a bit stiff on the eyelids. The outcome was still very nice and my lids are still fully lined after hours of wearing this.

BLK by Anne Curtis

Overall: I'm happy with the full line of Anne Curtis' BLK, it does live up to uncomplicated beauty, it's the version of wash and wear of makeup so that's awesome. Special props that this beauty company is cruelty free, too. :) Congrats, Anne and BLK Cosmetics Team!

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BLK Cosmetics is available at malls nationwide, Zalora and on its official website