My Favorite Chick TV Shows

Is it just me or TV lately has all been all about Game of Thrones, or Westworld or truly groundbreaking and spectacular, out of this world events? I do get it and I am in fact a big Game of Thrones fan. Sometimes though, what a girl needs is just a TV series or a movie that feels like a bestfriend in hiding. You know what I mean -- if like me, you grew up watching chick flicks like Clueless, She's All That, Sex and the City, it can be kind of frustrating not to have something nice to watch whenever you just want to surround yourself with positive female energy. 


1. Younger. I really enjoyed watching Younger -- moreso now because I'm not a twentysomething anymore and its female lead, Liza Miller, is a forty year old woman pretending to be 26 -- well, she has the abs for it. She did it cos she hasn't found a job as a forty year old, her daughter is in college and she does want to have a job, since she got separated, too. She gets together with a hot tattoo artist {so predictable but I love it}. I LOVE IT. She's also BFFs with Hillary Duff.

2. The Bold Type. I'm three episodes away from finishing the pilot season and boy am I woke about this. The series produced by Hearst's Chief Content Officer Joanna Coles and is inspired by the Cosmo US publishing life. I LOVE IT. I completely remembered what fun it is to come to work all pretty and hair done. Like life is more than long meetings about not much and Excel sheets. The story revolves around three girls in their early job phase dealing with millennial issues, such as rent, sexuality / gender preference, politics, mansplaining, Tinder. The list goes on. I love love love it, I am down to my final episodes so I can't wait for it to go back on.

3. Jane the Virgin. I initially didn't binge watch JTV because mexicanovelas aren't my thing but when I saw Rafael and Petra's clothes, HMMM I just went down the rabbit hole. It's about Jane, ultra religious woman, who's still a virgin and saving it for marriage. Of course she gets pregnant by some weird medical mistake and you know the drill. It's fun and campy sometimes and did I say what a cutie Rafael is? Team Rafael all the way.

4. Drop Dead Diva. DDD has long ended but when I just want to be comforted like when I need BFFs, I watch DDD, a show about Jane Bingum, who got reincarnated in the body of a lawyer, yet she can't tell her boyfriend, who's still mourning her death. Of course she gets to tell her BFF and she gets to have a guardian angel.

5. Lipstick Jungle. Also an oldie and goody, and I do wish it showed more episodes beyond 2 seasons but LJ is basically The Bold Type grown up, like dealing with younger lovers, divorce and entrepreneurship. LOVE <3

6. Sweet Valley High. I never finished this growing up so I am elated to have found the complete seasons on YouTube. SO HAPPY. Of course everything is dated and campy but my 14 year old self is jumping for joy.

7. Popular. Another oldie from my teenage years but Popular was responsible for me wanting to be alpha I want to be everything woman I am now. Brooke McQueen was the ultimate queen bee who was also very smart and perfect. Too bad it only lasted two seasons though.

8. Sex and The City. This is my ultimate favorite of course, I don't watch this as often anymore but I did love it for many years. Still a warm memory for me, but I like watching younger shows of late.

9. Girlboss. Sophia Amoruso's life in 10 episodes was actually pretty good, a bit jarring sometimes but pretty good. I didn't like that she barely showered in the show but it was a good watch nonetheless. Too bad it didn't get renewed for Season 2. 

10. Gossip Girl. Hands down probably my guiltiest of pleasures: I like indulging in rich, designer laden, sexy teenage romps involving royalties, scandals, social media, gossip and designers and models. Also, good music, and allusions to old movies. LOVE forever.

Got any chick TV shows you still watch? Please share with me!