Shampoo Stories: Tea Tree Shampoo Et Al

There really isn't a well founded scientific theory that supports the idea that there will be less hairfall with natural or organic shampoo and conditioner but one day, I just decided that maybe drugstore conditioners even ones I get at higher end beauty stores seem to not do the trick anymore. I am also bored {SORRY!} with my bathroom staple, Human Heart Nature in Peppermint, so I just had to have new hair care. 


But really, it was because one day in the shower, my hair was shedding so much more hair than normal {I barely shed hair, like maybe 2-3 strands when I blow dry or brush my hair but that's it, 2-3 as well in the shower}. So when one day, there was hair every time I combed through with my shampoo, I just had to change things. The first thing I did was ask around friends who are hair-conscious and it had been a predictable but nicely predictable decision to head over to Healthy Options. When I first posted this on Instagram, I promised I'd make a review so here it is!

You ask what I'd been using at the time of intense hairfall? Ack. Pantene 3 Minute Miracle! I suppose there's an end to it being a miracle on me.

1. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Shampoo and Conditioner in Coconut Milk, around PHP350/bottle. I've always been a fan of anything coconut but a bigger fan of anything coconut and pineapple {that includes Haagen Dazs Pineapple and Coconut Ice Cream}. I was super relieved to find that this set of Alba haircare works on my sensitive hair. I'm glad that it does smell as promised and each time I use it is just a joyful experience.

2. Nature's Gate Tea Tree & Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner, around PHP 260/bottle. Nature's Gate was a fan favorite amongst friends who were experiencing hair fall. The downside is that it's very simple, can barely smell the tea tree BUT the biggest pro is that it does lessen the hair fall for me by a LOT. So what I do is Nature's Gate is my go to combo for my showers at night and Alba is my shampoo in the morning instead. 

3. Avalon Organics Clarifying Shampoo in Lemon, about PHP 350. I didn't buy the conditioner of this as I got this simply because I want to get rid of the gunk from my hair every Sunday when I take hours with bathing, hair removal, exfoliation and cleaning my pores. It's part of my #SelfCareSunday routine which I will write about soon. I'm happy that Avalon works well, it does strip the oily feeling in the end of the week.

Other things I did: I took Biotin every day, twice, one in the AM and one before I sleep and included Calcium every other night, too. I also added Jason Thickening serum on to my hair every night. 

Overall: No one needs all three shampoos, I am also just in a phase hence the three shampoos but if I were to stick with one whilst having hair fall, it would be Nature's Gate because it's the most functional one, whereas the two are fun to haves :)

All brands can be found at Healthy Options.