Benefit Holiday 2017

One thing I'm an advocate of is the concept of giving a gift to me, from me :P You know I am kidding right? It's such a millennial way of talking to myself when I post my shopping adventures on my Instagram {@champagnedreams}. The truth is, every now and then, I'd like to reward myself with beautiful things that inspire me to become my best self but also work hard so I can afford the nice things I like. Sometimes I am just really a real girl, I tend to be more an honest bomb lately because I'm old enough to say that nice things don't just fall on to your lap without hard work.

For the 2017 Holiday, whether as gift to yourself or your best girlfriends, a colleague, or if you're a guy reading this, looking to gift the woman in your life, here are the 2017 Benefit Holiday Gifts:

My most favorite item is the second to the last one above, where the box contains 7 brow products and costs only about PHP4,000! That's such a steal! To get the Benefit bundles, visit their products and shop them via Zalora and Sephora.