I am too old for Taylor Swift. I thought about singing the song 22 in this post for a birthday post meant to tell you, "Hi, I am Tara and I just turned 32" but a huge part of me abhors the idea. I don't feel like the woman Taylor espouses in her song. And TBH, I hardly feel any affinity to her songs now especially with all the drama that surrounds it.

So maybe that's the thing --- I am done with drama. At least lately, or most of the time. I've been warned when I was in 20s that all of the drama will be gone after 30 and here I am, two years after and reaping the benefits of bad decisions from my youth. I am for now, drama free, enjoying my time as a thirtysomething woman, fighting and winning my career, nourishing my relationships and exercising kindness and generosity (as much as I can).

First, the Actual Birthday

I spent my birthday weekend with my Globe friends, had them at home for an all in one party as some of us were celebrating our birthdays this November, it was Thanksgiving and it's also an early Christmas party. You know you're in an adult party when there's overflowing food, not everyone is drinking but laughing and catching up anyways.

It was exactly an amazing birthday --- wherein I have my close friends over, spend time catching up, cooking, eating good food. Mike made us steak and sous vide ribs and I had a bit of wine, too. Butters as always is the center of attention even if he doesn't like it {what an introvert dog haha}. It's the best thing ever.

So I think I've officially retired from partying -- in fact I hardly drink any alcohol now. Even champagne is something I reserve for extremely special occasions, and wine is extremely occasional, too. I just celebrated by being with friends and loved ones, good food, a lot of hugs and kisses and that to me, is more than enough. As per usual, I have birthday thoughts:

This is 32.

This is 32.

1. I am back to size 2. That said, the only way to get things in life is perseverance and grit and making real good and proper choices.

2. Challenges never end. I did think that being at this age, life gets easier or more "settled" so to speak but it doesn't. The challenges are just more complicated and more mature. We just truly become better at life. It helps to have a strong foundation of faith.

3. Everybody will f*** up. Even you. 

4. One always has a choice. If you're unhappy, find a way to make yourself happy.

5. Other people's actions does not represent who you are.

6. You can fight for yourself -- ie. if a relative tells you you've gained weight, you can tell them how you're actually the thinnest woman in the room and that being fat is not the worst thing in the world. If there's a club that won't accept you, start your own.


7. Nobody can force you to become something you don't want to be, even if society tells you to. Ergo, I stand up unapologetically to people who nag me about 1) getting married ASAP and 2) wanting me to be a mother ASAP. I don't want to be one for now, for reasons that I am not the best one to be, I am not ready {and then everybody tells me everyone is never ready}, I have other priorities and that's that. For now. I am not closing my doors on settling down as a mom in the future but for now, please don't ask me when. Or don't ask somebody when they want to get pregnant {you also never know if they're trying and is having a hard time} or stand up for your right not to have kids if you don't want any.

8. I've tried a hand on business, finally, this year and it's still a work in progress. It wasn't easy at all, I still feel like giving it up all every now and then and just go to sleep, just like when I feel lazy to work out. I realized though that the big difference about losers, and women who win and emerge successful is being disciplined {well rested} but still disciplined, gritty and the woman who perseveres. Speaking of business, if you're all about wanting to be inspired, to succeed and meet women with the same energy, I'd like to invite you to our small meetup on December 2!

It's a good life. :)