Things I Love: Best Life

It's been a while since I've sat down on my workdesk area at home and blogged. TBH, it's honestly been a while since I just sat down and stay put. Most days, I'm knee deep in work or working out and all its peripherals. Working out means doing the laundry as soon as you finish because germs and sweat, ugh. It also means I work on improving my dietary systems by prepping salads, healthy meals, yogurt and chia breakfasts and avoiding sugar. It's been a busy life but I'm loving it and I'm happy to be at peace where I am.

I started using a Fitbit :)

So I will review this soon!

Most days, I wake up, eat a granola bowl with Greek yogurt and a sprinkle of chia seeds. I work a bit on my Mac, play a bit with Butters, spend some time in quiet meditation and head to work. At work, life is kind of a whirlwind, things just happen really fast and real intense. After work, I usually work out with my carefully planned workouts. I make it a point I get cardio {boxing at Flyweight or rowing at Saddle Row}, some yoga within the week, HIIT Pilates or Plana Forma. After that, I head home to my two boys, Mike usually cooks dinner, we catch up on life and our respective passions, work and hobbies and how our day went with cuddling Butters in between. When we're not too tired, we watch some old favorites -- we had a Wonder Years phase and now we're on to Boston Legal. I water {and talk to} my plants sometimes, grab a massage afterward and doze off to sleep. It's a nice life.

It's Independence Day here in the Philippines today and I can't help but wonder, despite that big whoosh of relief that we are still very much enjoying our freedom, when can the country be truly free.

I hope you're having a great day and an awesome week ahead!