ChampagneDreamsFitness: F45 and Electric Studio

HI THERE! I know, I know, I've been MIA here but it's for a very good reason. I've been busy living a life I really love lately: meal prepping, shopping for fresh produce, working out through boxing, HIIT / Circuit and spinning. I'm happy to feel the results of it: less bloating, clothes fit me better now, I have more energy, I sleep better most of the time and I generally just feel better a LOT! It's been so, sooooo good!

Today, I'll share with you two favorite studios I've been working out at the past weeks. I'm no expert and have only been training daily for a month {A MONTH!} so you can classify me as a beginner :) 

1. ELECTRIC STUDIO, Burgos Circle, BGC. Electric Studio has gained its reputation for really fat -torching workouts and it's true. I always feel thinner after a workout here. Sometime last week, I went to train in Jam's class which features alternative and 90s music and some hip hop tunes by Justin Timberlake, too. I truly loved it, because I felt so energized by the millennial energy in the room and it covered both arm strength and building muscle, too. I like that some parts of the workout was dark -- and lights pulse, too. It reminded me of Soulcycle <3 I'm so thrilled that they have a summer promo {BEACH BODY HERE I COME!} that I can bicycle in between my GuavaPass and my upcoming F45 enrollment. 
PROS: Very clean studios, clean equipment, millennial-ish merch and neon signs, spacious bathroom, with toiletries, blow dry, etc. One of the best I've seen, really. They've also got special lockers which you don't need a padlock for. Super cool!
CONS: Electric Studio's workout can be rather superstrong, I feel like it's not really beginner-friendly. This is a con because I can't count on myself to be always conditioned to go on to the bike every day in full strength as I'd do circuit, for example. It is a very demanding workout. But if you're in conditioned for it which I am half of the time, you go girl.

2. F45 Training, BGC Stopover. Where do I begin? I love F45. I've put on hold coming here because it won't come off as a glamorous gym online, which is, admittedly, my first consideration LOL. I know that's not a good first consideration but that's me. Anyway, I finally tried F45 one day and found it to be rather cleaner than most gyms, had ample lockers, two shower rooms, clean changing rooms, too. More importantly, they have 1 type of class per day, called fun names such as Hollywood, Varsity or Athletica. What is unique about them is that each class is 45 minutes of workout. 
PROS: A TV guides you when you're lost and true to form, all of the 45 minutes are functional: either you're resting, working out or warming up or cooling down. Nothing is wasted. Equipment are well maintained and probably the widest I've seen in spectrum. I like that the coaches also approach you to correct your form! There are two showers in the BGC branch, so hooray! Not as feminine but not so bad!
CONS: Only 2 branches so far, huhu, one in BGC and one in MOA. Also, one of the most expensive when it comes to Circuit classes, at PHP 4,600/month. It gets cheaper as you buy more months in a package so that's nice. 

All in all, both studios are my favorites -- ask anyone who knows me or have gone with me and both studios are regulars in my schedules. Do you also go to these studios? Let me know in the comments section.

Happy Working Out!