Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters

One of the things that's lesser known about me was that I used to drive my first car, a red Mitsubishi Lancer car, with a Hello Kitty steering wheel cover that made me feel joyous every time I drove to school. I used to have a small Hello Kitty pouch that was Hello Kitty's face and nothing more and I didn't use it too much so I won't get it dirty. Like many girls my age, I grew up liking Hello Kitty a lot despite the fact that it's just a cat and she didn't really say much. HAHA! 

When Happy Skin sent an invite about their Sanrio collaboration, I was just kilig and excited to somewhat come back to that young me who liked Little Twin Stars and Hello Kitty everything!


I think all of us at the Happy Skin x Sanrio event were giddy with happiness especially since Hello Kitty came out to purr at us, too!

The collection is split in three ways: Little Twin Stars, My Melody and Hello Kitty. You can view the 23-piece collection here but sharing my picks below:

Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters products are available at all Happy Skin stores, Beauty Bar and Plains & Prints, as well as online.