Very Un-Alpha Sundays

So it's almost Sunday evening and it's always during this time of the week that I begin to feel that Sunday-Monday feeling -- relishing the weekend but also excited to be productive, but a huge chunk of me is clinging on to that weekend realness. Do you know what I mean? That part that one doesn't carefully watch what we say, or feel or do {maybe but in my case, I just nap when I want.} 

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 3.40.07 PM.png

The past weekends have been all about being out and about, spending time with old friends since my bestfriend came home for the weekend, too! It's all about the most important thing in the world such as family and love and decluttering :P And also Yin Yoga. Did you know how absolutely important Yin Yoga is? I find that in every class, we have to exercise and open our toes and reverse all the actions from the week and it's so -- challenging. I love that every Sunday means I don't have to compete with my old self -- meaning I don't even try the hardest pose. Mondays through Saturdays I try and give my workouts my best. But on Sundays, I just lie there and fulfill the bare minimum. HAHA!

Have an amazing Monday, everyone, xx.