My Favorite Apps on Productivity and Winning in Life

How is your 2018 going so far? Mine is going swimmingly well. I feel like most fronts of my life are being attended to: work is great, my relationships are tended to, my self care game is strong and my Butters and Mike are healthy and loved. I think that the secret to success is defining the meaning of your success and measure your life against it. That's all I really need most days <3

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But also, sometimes happiness is a trip to Mumuso.

But also, sometimes happiness is a trip to Mumuso.

Today I'd like to share my favorite apps that truly make life easier and are worthy of precious phone space. Do take note that the context of the apps I have on my phone need to be useful for my work, side hustle and self care time. I'm currently a most of the time busy career girl who sets aside time for working out, running errands, self care, taking care of Butters and a household of adults.

1. Google Calendar. I used to think that all calendars were equal until I used Google Calendar at work when I moved to Globe and boy was my life changed. Google syncs everything across multiple emails {I have both work and email in one calendar so work life integration!} which makes my life easier cos even my bills are calendar-ed so I never miss anything.


2. Adobe Lightroom. Whereas an Instagram presence used to be on top of a blog or a biz site, now it's almost become mandatory -- any entrepreneur or someone whose job needs to get the word out there needs pretty, well lit photos. I've finally learned how to use Lightroom after tinkering with it {I am a Photoshop purist all this time} and it's just what I need for clear and crisp photos. Also the bomb because it edits coolness and temperature of a photo very well!

3. LaterSpeaking of Instagram, since I manage several Instagram accounts for myself and my side hustle, The Women Who Win, I usually batch layout images over the weekend and plan captions on the same day as well. Then I load them on to an Instagram planner such as Later {and before, I used to use Buffer for other platforms, too.} This way, I don't have to think about the layouts and images during my work hours. I do however have to copy the captions on to Instagram when it notifies me but that's it!

4. Wally. Alexa von Tobel, founder of Learnvest once said in a Career Contessa article that a successful woman should always "Pay attention, much sooner, to how much you're spending." I personally monitor my daily expenses and plot spends per category every month {I know, corporate lessons!}. For day to day tracking with Insights, Streams and Predictions, Wally is the best Personal Finance app for me. The first step is knowing how much and just the part of me adding how much I spent kind of bonks me in the head {LOL} and makes me more conscious of my spending. The currency is also customizable to a Peso sign, too!

5. Canva. If you're looking for a program to layout your Insta squares with text and photos, Canva is a simple app {and desktop site} to overlay photos and text together. So easy peasy. 

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6. Insight Timer. Ah, meditation. As much as we love being productive and being winners and achievers, we also have our downtime. I used to not know what to do to rest: like do I just sleep, binge watch TV, or read? And then now I've learned meditation and I now know how it's really one of the best things we can do for ourselves. I know it really sounds so woowoo to some, BUT hey, I feel like I've really been kinder to myself and to my peers and friends and my loves in this life. We also sleep to the music of Insight and I've been sleeping up to 7 hours - 8 hours. AMAZING!

7. MomentThis one is for tracking one's phone time. MINE IS LIKE 7H! EW. So I'm trying to fix that by doing more offline things hehe. It's really useful for getting one's life back on track.

Happy Monday, lovelies <3