Valentine's Day, 2018

The truth is, this is a very late blog about what I did on February 14, 2018. It's so funny that despite reassuring myself year in and year out that Valentine's Day is nothing but a over-commercialized holiday, an unnecessary holiday for women to validate themselves with a bouquet of flowers and for those who don't get any, to feel bad for themselves. I hate myself for participating but I also can't keep away.


So the short story of this was: I got my Valentine's Day roses. But not so easily, because Mike does not buy flowers and chocolates easily as any romantic guy. His love language is unique, mostly service, in currencies {crypto or normal} but certainly not material things. This was troublesome for some days because I've daydreamed for so long to get flowers from someone I actually loved and none of the creepy men who've showered me with bouquets in the past. {WOW, you'd think I was swimming in tulips and roses LOL}.

Champagne and Roses

Unbeknownst to many of you, we've encountered financial problems, like any normal couple and human beings. To me, a bouquet of expensive flowers were just going to be even more expensive since we're trying to cut down on non-essentials. It's still been a pretty comfortable life but Mike wanted me to get all that I wanted so he still got me flowers. I found out that he got it from an inexpensive store, and it made me burst into tears. Here was a guy who'd still get me what I want despite not really being able to afford it at that very moment. I never told him I found out, and I doubt he will read this article. But that was my important Valentine's lesson: be with a person who tries. It will not really always be perfect but be with someone who tries even during the worst of times.

Tara and Mike

I'm thankful to be with this one :)