Things I Love Sundays: Ozark, Milk Tea and Things

There’s a kind of beating inside me right now, the kind that you get when you’re witnessing or watching something so dark, yet beautiful like a trainwreck. Several weeks after finishing two seasons of Ozark, I am still amazed by it. Scared, too, to be honest.

Darlene Snell

Ozark is basically Breaking Bad, change drugs to drugs + money laundering in the deep pockets of Central America. Nakaka-stress most times but the storytelling is so good and one cannot help but sympathize with the characters. Super galing. My favorite character outside of Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde is Ruth Langmore. What a great up and coming actress, kinda like Milly Bobby Brown of Stranger Things. Tough but still a child.

Ruth Langmore

It’s mostly blue hued and dark but the emotional rollercoaster one goes through is stellar — especially in today’s TV landscape. The character development and maturity the story goes is excellent, the Breaking Bad gap in my heart is filled.

On Milk Tea

LOL. Where do I begin. Prior to this month, I actually didn’t have a milk tea habit. I actually don’t have a sugar habit. I pride myself for having a solid discipline with it until for whatever reason, my girl group, I became obsessed with milk tea and here I am now:


Speaking of milk tea, I did a blind test for my other favorite online space, Wonder, and I was so surprised at my choice! Head on here to read the whole thing.

New Chill Places: Mulberry Bar. You know when you just to wind down after a day’s work and slow down before heading home? Yep. Mulberry Door’s bar side is the perfect non-party type place for drinks!

AND THEN there were two! If we’re friends in real life and on Instagram and Facebook, you’d have seen my new little boy, PUFFINS. He’s the son of Butters who finally moved to us and is now a reason why I wake up in the middle of the night LOL for his milk and cuddles. He’s the cutest and the most kulit more so than his dad was! I get it now why parents with 2 kids/dogs are more tired than those with one LOL.

Are you a contact lens wearer? The folks at Air Optix are having a Buy 2 Get 1 sale! WOOT!

Highlight of the Week: I finally got my Dyson AirWrap! Mike got me this complete set of the Internet famous Dyson AirWrap hairstyling set and I’m a convert! Expect a full review soon! For now, here’s my Day 1 impression of the tools:

Hope your week is going well! <3