Life in Globe Platinum's #HealthyHaven


If I had to choose a day that I get to do things just for myself, I’d definitely be working out for 3 hours and eating yummy healthy food, and will spend the day in the arms of my baby boys. To me, Globe Platinum is all about making things easier for ourselves and choosing to spend our free time for things we love.

It’s nothing new for me to spend my hours at Saddle Row — it’s a common favorite for most people at our office, it’s the coolest spinning place, the lockers are of ample space, the common areas are spacious, the showers —- are the BEST. They have Dyson blowdryers and the music is bomb. I especially love that all bikes have monitors so you know what you should be looking at while riding.

GLOBE PLATINUM enjoys an exclusive network and a host of many other perks such as free classes from Saddle Row and other premium partners.

Globe Platinum Perks

Globe Platinum has its own special digital concierge too. Just look for Thea of Globe Platinum on Messenger!