To be completely honest with you, sometimes I wonder what am I still doing writing beauty articles on this blog, when I am hardly a beauty blogger / beauty influencer or content creator. Most of the time, I'm really just trying to minimize things in my life and I do try to just sit down, be quiet, get hugs, hug and be loved. Of course, eat. But yes, most days, I am trying not to create something that will just end up being digital clutter. 

I also try to meditate a lot. Most days I feel so full of everyone's noise and thoughts, I try to hear my own. The downside of hearing my thoughts is that I hear the drama LOL so yeah. 

Anyway, I am just catching up with beauty trends and I'm lucky to have had been in the Balmchella part by beauty brand, The Balm. Over the years, most of my Balm exposure came from The Balm's Bahama Mama. While also being a timeless contour product, The Balm's product evoked that hippie, free spirit vibe that isn't so visible in many brands. I loved what it espoused, is cruelty free and makeup is in paper packaging. Truly good for the Tara who is trying to lessen waste in this earth.

In its own version of the hippie music festival, The Balm feted us beauty girls for a nice reprieve from a busy life at Antidote in I'M Hotel in Makati Ave. 

With a "beauty in five minutes" philosophy, theBalms simple multi-use products have become its calling card, offering quick fixes and solutions for a wide range of beauty wants and needs. What began as mixing makeup in a kitchen with the help of how-to books has grown into a brand of wearable colours, anti-ageing formulas, finely milled pigments and fabulous scents. Here are some of the highlights of the collection if you're up for new makeup toys, too:


Highlite 'N Con Tour, PHP 1895. Highlighters and Contours together, hooray! 


In the Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Volume 2, PHP 1995, perfect for the girl who wants everything in one palette


Smoke Balm, PHP 675, if you want such gorgeous shadows set like this one.


Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini Liquid Collections, PHP 1,195. I'm a big fan of the shade Committed!


The Balm Beach Blush

theBalm is available at all Beauty Bar stores, online, and via Sephora.