Things I Love Sundays: A Real Social Life

While my first thought is that I'm really tired and exhausted from last week, I'm happy to share that I've had a very busy week, which tires me but also made me spend time with people important to me. The week before this one was peppered with a lot of gin and tonic and some days I just needed to recover from the hangover -- this past week I deliberately avoided drinking as much as I can -- rather stuck to whiskey since this one doesn't f*** me up.

Weekend Highlights: Having family friends over, playing with dogs and a toddler, taking out our pretty dishware and dinnerware {I get a lot of questions and I get them from Shop A La Fourchette}. I also spent time with my best friend in the South, ate the best sushi at Sensei Sushi and capped off the meal with coffee from Magnum Opus. For some reason, life in the South always feel so much slower and chill and I knew I needed that moment to slow down.

New Bags from City of Vintage and little string bags from Mono Manila.

Culture / Art Appreciation: My friends and I caught a performance of the musical Sa Wakas, and well, let's just say it was a lot to digest! It's like 10 years worth of relationships was dragged out of me. No tears for me but I have to say that it makes one think about relationships every day. 

Favorite BGC Drink Place: The Coconut Club (what used to be Rocket Room) has the yummiest cocktails in that strip and food in Friends & Family (former Stella) is also yummy though not very healthy. SLUSHIES for PHP 95 during Coco Hour!

Favorite Book / Movie: I'm watching Meet the Robinsons and it's adorable so far. I also missed Dynasty and The Good Doctor this week since they skipped this week for airing. 

Favorite Skincare: I'm kinda needing a facial so anything I put on to my face is not really doing much. Still sticking to my CosRX / Happy Skin / Drunk Elephant routine to keep breakouts at bay and my skin in general, calm.

Happy Week Ahead!