Things I Love Sundays: What I've Spent Time on this Week


I'm supposed to be up in the mountains this weekend but life and exhaustion caught up to me and well, that made me stay in bed at home and nuzzle Butters' ears instead. However, I'm here at home but I've had interesting non beauty finds, nonetheless!

Movie: Deadpool 2

I wasn't expecting to love Deadpool 2 as much as it was hyped but I did, especially for the ending. I won't say anything else but so, so poignant and beautiful.

App: DisneyLife

I've to admit this one is a little close to home since Globe launched this DisneyLife in the Philippines but I'm so so in love with it, the content is magical, all the Disney movies and the Pixar ones, as well as the short films. I already even watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame last night!

App, Productivity: Food Panda

So funny cos I've always known Food Panda and in fact, Mike used to be the Country Manager for Food Panda, but it's only now that I'm discovering this and using this to bring me food and well, let's just say I'm super having fun. I like that you can track the rider LOL.

Quality Time with Sample Room

It's been so hot in Manila but for select people especially those ones I love, I will find a way to go out and see them. Yesterday was Sample Room's summer party and for a bit, I'm happy to be under the sun, eating ice cream, watching my friends do coffee painting and laughing a lot, catching up on life and listening to stories of Bhutan. Life is good. 

Book: Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel

I'm only up to Chapter 6 or 7 {been listening via Audible} and I've always been fascinated by Esther Perel and her studies on relationships. Not quite the popular belief, and not quite traditional, but I do know that there are different strokes for different folks especially when it comes to relationships. As far as I've read so far, though, I am loving this woman. I've watched her TED talks and listened to her podcasts and love her! I love how realistic her approach of marriage and relationships is, grounding ambitious expectations of relationships. I'm a big believer that no relationship can fill ALL the gaps in one's life in as much as having a partner who goes through life with you is a big blessing and privilege.


I have an amazing life. I just realized how, at this very point of my life I have everything that I could possibly ask for. Great health, my loved ones are in great health, an amazing relationship, we're doing ok, work is good, life cuddles with Butters everyday, solid faith. Life is amazing. Thank you, Jesus.