Netflix Originals that are Tara Cabullo Approved

Image via Unsplash by Marvin

Image via Unsplash by Marvin

LOL, as if I was some sort of entertainment guru. :D But you know what, I spend so much time on Netflix for both entertainment and education purposes so I'd say I have a little bit of street cred on what to watch. When I say that, it's because I've watched a lot of crappy shit on and off Netflix so yes, it helps to learn the good from the bad. 


So as someone who's spent hours upon hours online to consume sometimes mindless and sometimes educational shows, sharing my top picks for Netflix Originals because we only get limited hours to binge watch and thou must not waste them.

Ibiza. I start off with a very fluffy movie because I work a corporate job and the past weeks were tough on me and I came home very exhausted. When all I want to do is stare into the TV mindlessly, this is what I watched. And then I watched it again with two friends, while sipping whiskey ginger ale. What an awesome night. It was like reliving my heydays. The movie stars Gillian Jacobs and her two friends Vanessa Bayer and Phoebe Robinson and ALSO ROB STARK, what up? It's like those nights when you're feeling vulnerable and just want to fall in love and be reckless. Yup. 
BONUS: They have a Spotify playlist and it will throw you back into that EDM loop.

Explained. If you get distracted when watching Vox on YouTube, well, this is like Vox on Netflix, a little more structured and instructional. I particularly loved the K Pop episode.

The Toys That Made Us. When you're feeling nostalgic about things and sometimes wishing you are a child with no responsibilities instead of adulting in the real world, this series is all about the history of the toys we grew up loving. Special shoutout to the Transformers episode deepdive on Takara and Hasbro! Then I watched the Barbie episode and I was even more in love and hooked! Then I watched Hello Kitty and it was just so kawaii!

When We First Met. I really liked this one. I am a big believer of what's yours will not pass you by and Adam DeVine was just so adorable. This is a romcom, as you may have known is my favorite genre most days. I felt entertained and warm and fuzzy after and my 1+ hour was very well worth it.

Evil Genius. For those times you want to be gripped by something so profound and creepy at the same time. Perfect for people who like Breaking Bad and Black Mirror.

Game Over, Man. A group of guys and a washed up rapper Shaggy. It can't be so bad. Full of laughs. Mike kept topping over with this.

Happy Anniversary. Pretty much anti romcom but also kinda like Celeste and Jesse. That's all I'm saying about it.

Ugly Delicious. A lot like watching Anthony Bourdain {Rest in Peace}, David Chang of Momofuku explores different cities and food types and what a gastronomic educational delight! I also love myself a chubby Asian man :D :D :D

Abstract. How the Nike shoe was designed, how a comic strip was drawn --- ahhh so good!

Minimalism. Essentially a documentary by the authors of the book of the same title, this docu inspires us to lessen what we consume and be content. Worked for me until maybe some days ago when I went shop-crazy again.

Chasing Coral. If you're thinking about how plastic and other non biodegradable waste is affecting the seas and corals, this is the documentary for you.

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