Things I Love Sundays: H2, Here We Go!


I can't. In my head, the year of 2018 just started and I actually still wrote 2017 somewhere this week. A big part of me was so tired already on a Monday -- and I couldn't wait to get to today, a Sunday, as I am typing this. Honestly, I feel like my head rushed in on itself because I wanted to do so many things for all of the two days.

FIRST, I went back to Lagree Fitness in BGC on Saturday morning pre brunch and really felt things toning up even after just two classes. I know I know, I am maybe generalizing things but I do. I feel slimmer after being stretched and my muscles, of which I didn't know previously were there, do hurt on Sunday morning.


THEN, I headed home and plopped myself in front of the TV and watched a highly recommended movie by my friend, Us and Them and well, GODDAMN, 70% into the movie my thoughts were: "Hmmm, it's sad and good but still not crying." By the end of the movie, I just sobbed and sobbed Mike had to comfort me. HUHU. You've been warned.

In other news, if you're stressed like me, book a massage via Zennya and use my code: JERIKAUXNE for 200 off on your first massage!

For other news, I've just been eating a lot and I can't help it but also at the same time, I want to be thinner and lose 5 kilos. HOW???

Hang tight darlings, this year is going fast.