Happy Skin x KC Concepcion and Finding Oneself

Let me let you in on a little secret: I used to read KC Concepcion's Super! Inquirer column back in the day. I don't remember any specific thing she used to write back then but to me, it felt like a personal peek into her life as a university student in Paris. Blogs were limited to secret outpourings of the heart when I was in college and as a daughter of a big celebrity, I found it to be brave and courageous to share her life on national broadsheets.

KC Concepcion Happy Skin

Fast forward to present time and we're both women in our 30s. I had been lucky to be an audience to her and a launch of her collab with an obvious favorite local brand, Happy Skin. I realized that how just like me, she was also trying to re-discover herself. It struck a chord that she, just like me, is just realizing what she wants: how does she like her eggs? What color of nail polish does she like? What would she like to do in this life? A lot can be murky when you grow up in the public eyes (her) and in my case, I've been in the corporate world for so long, I honestly don't know anymore what the sound of my own strong voice sounds sometimes. 

Is it Saturn return? I can't know for sure. I just know that afternoon I decided to let myself be in the presence of women and beauty and color, is a time my own very thoughts resonated with someone I didn't know on a personal level and yet -- it made me believe I am not at all alone in this world.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share the amazing colors of the collection, Power and Beauty: Power is a deep berry perfect for both fair and morena skin and Beauty is an apricot nude that's super flattering!

Happy Skin x KC Concepcion is available via Zalora, Happy Skin and all Beauty Bar branches and Happy Skin stores.