The Month of August in Beauty: Happy Skin x Love Marie, Palmolive Expertique and Dr. Morita

So much mouthful for August, yes? The month of August was a bit busy for me and the beauty world. Sometimes I feel like I want to take things simpler, and I guess, I do when it comes to makeup. I hardly wear any eye shadows and my skin is mostly skincare and a hint of blush and highlighter. But yes, new things keep coming and well, I just a girl who becomes weak with all things that make us pretty.

1. Happy Skin x Love Marie. I pretty much live on Instagram and I love Heart Evangelista on IG! She's beautiful, her taste and fashion is classy and superb. It was only inevitable and reasonable to come out with full sizes of her previous travel sized lip liner collection. 

The perfect nude lippie is Skinny Dipping and the fab red shade is Heartthrob.

Say Tioco and Tara Cabullo

2. Palmolive Expertique Haircare. I used to work for Colgate Palmolive so this launch was very close to my heart. So close that I know for a fact that ColPal have worked on this line a long time to perfect it. I'm glad for my Palmolive colleagues that pro hair care finally launched! Their ambassador Maureen Wroblewitz was the winner of Asia's Next Top Model, too!
So far, the conditioner and the hair mask are my favorite! I got the Revitaliste variant cos this one is for normal hair, I barely have problems with my hair but I want to keep it hydrated and moisturised. Now available at all nationwide Watsons, SM Beauty and supermarkets!

Palmolive Expertique

3. Dr. Morita Face Masks. I've never heard of Dr. Morita masks until the day I got invited to the launch. Apparently, Dr. Morita face masks are bestsellers in Taiwan and I tried them on {triple hyaluronic essence} and WOW! And then again, when I went to the US while in the plane, and the only thing that's important is how hydrated my skin was the entire time. Just PHP 74/sheet! Now available at all Watsons and SM Beauty stores, too.

DR. Morita Face Masks

Stay tuned for more beauty news soon! xx