New in Beauty: Five New Brands from Beauty Bar

Is there anything that’s not in Manila yet?

I remember back when globalization was a literally foreign concept and all of non Filipino brands had to be bought during a foreign trip of our parents or someone else’s friend or relative. Now, before you know it, brands are already present in social media frenzied Manila. Maybe that’s both good and bad.

Still, I am thankful to be blessed with all the possible options that we can possibly have. And they all don’t have to be Korean (as is the rage is now), too! :) Disclaimer: I do love Korean beauty though.

BOD Patchology Fancy Handy The Inkey List
  • Patchology. Known for the their ultra hydrating masks for every part of the body, Patchology is finally in Manila shores ready to hydrate all sorts of skin!

  • BOD Body on Demand. Sigh. Every weekend, the tub calls me and makes me want to soak myself in it forever with the best crystals and salts out there AKA BOD. BOD has mermaid salts and detoxing bath salts for a more fabulous exfoliated body. NEED!

Body on Demand
  • The Inkey List. Kind of like The Ordinary, The Inkey List boasts of single ingredient products that can be used for very specific purposes.

  • Fancy Handy. OMG just the cutest littlest products such as hand cream, moisturizes and such in the shapes of the fruits its main ingredients are made in.

Fancy Handy
  • Lily Lolo. I only know of this brand as a super favorite of my favorite Emma Watson but I am swept away by the sleek design and great color payoff of the products showcased at the Beauty Bar party.

Lily Lolo

All brands featured are available at Beauty Bar branches nationwide and online.